Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cardinal George Apology to LGBT Community

In this video, Brian Anthony Bowen reveals Scriptures the Church never talks about which prove that Jesus taught that LGBT people are born this way...and that prove the Apostle Paul ordained Gay Marriage...IN THE BIBLE!

This changes EVERYTHING!
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As the faithful in the Christian community around the world celebrate Epiphany today, it seems fitting Cardinal George has publicly apologized for his remarks previously discussed in this letter.  I hereby accept his apology with a very grateful heart, and offer to him the same unhindered measure of forgiveness as a Brother in the Body of Christ as Jesus offers each of us! 

Further, as Jesus forgives each of us our transgressions and wipes the slate clean, I too am removing the original text contained in this post requesting his apology to our community.  Everyone makes mistakes, but it takes a strong person to set it aright, and there are far too few left in our world today.

Following are Cardinal George's heartfelt, sincere, and public statements as published in the Chicago Tribune January 6, 2011:

“I am truly sorry for the hurt my remarks have caused, particularly because we all have friends or family members who are gay and lesbian. This has evidently wounded a good number of people. I have family members myself who are gay and lesbian, so it’s part of our lives. So I’m sorry for the hurt.

When I was talking I was speaking out of fear that I have for the church’s liberty and I was reaching for an analogy which was very inappropriate for which I’m sorry.

I didn’t realize the impact of what I was saying.  Sometimes fear is a bad motivation.” 

--Cardinal Frances George, Chicago--

Father in Heaven, we thank You for the power of forgiveness wherein we feel the power of Your great love toward us, and us toward each other!

In the Mighty Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Pay attention and always be on your guard [looking out for one another]. If your brother sins (misses the mark), solemnly tell him so and reprove him, and if he repents (feels sorry for having sinned), forgive him.  Luke 17:3


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UPDATE 01.15.12:
Lakewood Church officially endorsed as a SAFE SPACE for LGBT people to worship! Details here.

UPDATE 11.22.11:

Eagle Mountain International Church officially endorsed as a SAFE SPACE for LGBT people to worship! Details here.

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